Chill Factore

Chill Factore

On 23rd September, after our Entrance Exams, we went to the Chill Factore as a reward. We did many fun activities including: a skiing lesson and an Arctic adventure. In the skiing lesson we learnt how to: get on our skis; jump on our skis and dance on our skis.

We also played in the snow park with sledges and sleighs and there were many different slides to choose from. We could also race each other down the slope, and there were doughnuts that we could go down in pairs or on our own. There were special boots we had to wear, so that our normal footware didn't get damaged. The snow was so deep that it was essential to wear these!

Finally, we did an Arctic adventure and we got into groups of eight. We each chose a name for our group. There were three activities and we did them all but separately. One person from each group was blindfolded because we pretended there was a snowstorm.

The next activity involved us pretending that the snow was ice and we had to balance on wooden planks. In the next activity, we had to find pieces to build an igloo. Once we build the shelter we had to hide the pieces for the next group. 

It was a really fun and educational day and we want to go again in the future!

Wendy, Emily, Heather and Sophia

(Prep 7)


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