Loreto Leadership Conference

Our Loreto Leaders from Prep 7 went to York this week to meet with the leaders of all the other Loreto schools in England, including Loreto Preparatory School, Loreto College, Loreto Grammar, Loreto Chorlton, and Loreto St Albans. The idea was to share the good practice that was occurring in our schools to help develop the leadership of students in all Loreto schools.

Prep 7 leaders travelled to York on the train with Mrs Ostick and Mrs Gillespie. They delivered a report on leadership in Loreto Prep and then helped the other students to understand who our foundress, Mary Ward, was and what her links were to York by delivering another presentation!

After eating lunch together, our Prep leaders joined with other students from Loreto schools to complete a treasure hunt around York.

There was just enough time for a hot chocolate in a cafe in York before we all headed home.

Mrs Ostick and Mrs Gillespie were delighted with how well the girls delivered their speeches and all the girls were complimented on how much they knew about Mary Ward. They were told that they really understood Mary Ward and they perfectly embodied the values she aspired to.

Well done, Loreto leaders!


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