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Class: Prep 7 Year: 2018 - 2019

As we begin another half term and we look forward to so many events during the coming weeks, we thought we would take a little look back on the past half term and all the things we have done. It's been a busy time in Prep 7, but that's just the way we like it! We have learnt a great deal, had some great experiences, but above all had lots of fun in the process.



The entrance exams and the preparation for them played a big part in the first few weeks of term, but once they were over Prep 7 went to Edale Activity Centre to celebrate and unwind for the day! The day started with glorious sunshine, a sing song in the mini-bus on the way there and then a whole host of fun activities for the day. We built crates to the sky, tried our hand at archery, impressed one another with amazing knot tieing skills and enjoyed each others company all day in a relaxing, but challenging environment. A well deserved break after much hard work.


Anna Jackson

On Friday 28th September Anna Jackson, who is a Paralympian and has represented Team GB in Whhelchair Basketball winning bronze medals at the European Championships and silver and bronze medals at Paralymic World Cups and has more than 70 caps to her name, came to visit our school. Anna came to talk to all the girls about her amzing and inspirational career, to which she has had many obstacles to overcome, but also to raise money too. All the girls were given sponsorship forms and had to raise as much money as they could by completing a circuit training drill devised by Anna. All the girls completed their set tasks, where all a little red faced by the end, but really enjoyed all the activities and raised a great deal of money for the school too. We really appreciate Anna coming into our school and sharing with us her amzing journey to date and making us realise how much fun sport and being physically active can be. 


During the final few weeks of last term Toby Mullins, who is Development and Coaching Officer, came into school to work with the girls and help them develop their cricket skills. Toby really engaged all the girls through lots of practical games and small group activities along with lots of challenges that really made the girls determind to do their best. Toby helped the girls improve their batting, bowling and fielding skills along with teaching all the girls the basics of the game. We have some great cricket players in Prep 7 and it was great to seeing them have so much fun.

Shakespeare Workshop

The Shakespeare Workshop started for the girls on Monday 1st October and runs through to January. The workshop is simply phenominal and the girls, who are working towards a stage production of Macbeth. The aims of the workshop is to inspire excitement into Shakespeare's plays and encourage the use of educational drama as a tool for deep and active learning. The girls are also learning about the fascinating history during the period of time that Macbeth was set and how this impacted upon the people of the time. This is the highlight of the girl's week and no doubt the final production will be something very special. We are all looking forward to seeing this..!


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities in Prep 7 is a magnificant way for the girls to mark their final year at Loreto and inspire the other girls within the Prep classes below them. The girls were tasked with preparing a speech to which they would present to members of staff and their fellow peers once they had decided what roles and responsibilities they wanted. Once the girls had presented their speeches all the girls in Prep 6 and 7 voted for who they thought would be the best people for the roles. It was not an easy process, but we thank everyone for their applications and congratulate the girls who were chosen. We hope you lead by example and be the best that you can be


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