It's Christmas!

Class: Prep 7 Year: 2018 - 2019

It's hard to believe that Christmas is upon us as the time seems to have flown by these past few weeks. We have been very, very busy in school, which you will certainly know, so it's great that the girls can now relax for a week or two and recharge their the Prep 7 teachers will also do!!!  Below is a review of some of the things we have been doing these past few weeks...


The girls have thoroughly enjoyed all the work they have been doing with Mr Wilkinson and Mrs Hatton and are learning so much about the works of William Shakespeare, but also the history behind the play Macbeth. Lines are being learnt and dance routines being perfected for the performance of the play for you all in the New Year. It really will be spectacular and very much something to look forward to. 


During the month of November the girls across the school remembered the events of World War One as we thought about the one hundred year anniversary and all of those people who made many great sacrifices. We also discussed the many conflicts that have taken place across the world since and what we have learnt in this time. In Prep 7 we studied a variety of literature and film footage to bring the topic to life and enable the girls to really understand the events surrounding these awful events in much greater detail. We analysed the poem Flanders Field by John McCrae and discussed the many messages carried in this. The girls were able to share their thoughts and feelings and learnt so much. The topic proved to be very thought provoking and were really able to understand why it is so important that we do 'remember' in November.


During November we had a visit from the NSPCC who came into school and led an assembly for all the girls. This was then followed by a series of workshops for classes across the school. The staff from the NSPCC were fantastic with the girls and spoke about the work they do and how the NSPCC can help and support children and their families when they need them most. The workshops gave the girls a platform to discuss a variety of topics in a very mature and sensitive manner. This proved to be very thought provoking, but enabled the girls to share their opinions and feelings and learn so much from one another too.


December has proved to be another busy, busy month in Prep 7 as we have have been preparing for and having lots of fun getting ready for all the Christmas celebrations across school. We finished November with the Christmas Fair, which was held at  Loreto Grammar School and then on Friday 30th November we had a special mass in school to mark the beginning of Advent. On the same day we began to send home the Posada bags, which is a lovely tradition at Loreto and something special that you can share as a family and pray together.

On the same day some of our house captains went to York with Mrs.Ostick and Mrs.Gillespie to learn more about the working of other Loreto schools and colleges and to present a PowerPoint to their fellow students (many whom were much older)about life here in Loreto Prep and how  the values of Mary Ward are intrinsic to all we do. The girls were great ambassadors for Loreto Prep and we were all very proud of them.

Mrs Stiles has been making sure the girls have been well prepared for all of the musical and singing events that have been taking place across the school and beyond these past few weeks. The Christmas Fair, Sunrise Senior Living, Carol Concerts and Coffee Morning. It has been busy, busy, but if you were lucky enough to attend one of these events you would agree how amazing the girls performed and just how talented they are. The girls deserve great credit for all their hard work, but so does Mrs Stiles for all her time and effort she gives to the girls also. We are very lucky to have Mrs Stiles and very grateful to her.

Peter Pan was the Christmas Pantomime and all the girls loved this on Christmas Jumper Day. There were lots of awful jokes, bad costumes and 'He's behind you!' All the things you want a great pantomime to be. The girls and the staff loved it.

As we approach the end of all these activities, which finish with our Christmas lunch, some party games and Carol Service, we just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all so much. Thank you for all the continued support you always give to us. There is so much we simply couldn't do without this and we are most grateful. Thank you also for all the beautiful gifts and cards you have sent to us also. Most unnecessary, but very much appreciated too. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Lastly, we just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We hope you have a fantastic holiday time and we look forward to seeing you all again in January 2019!

Many thanks and best wishes

Mr Moran and Mrs Gillespie.


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